Your Top and Most Best Moments about Homeschooling your Children

Homeschooling a child can be very different from regular schooling. The very first difference is of course that the child studies at home, the second one is that he has limited social interaction with children his age, and thirdly the parents have to play the role of both parents and teacher. This can get very hectic because you need to discipline your child while providing a classroom environment as well. Nonetheless, homeschooling my child has given me a myriad of memories that I can cherish forever. Hence, today I thought that all of us reading this blog should share some of the moments that we remember from our homeschooling days.

Personal story  

I know this might be a little personal for some readers, but we are all a family here, so do not hesitate. You know what? Why don’t I start by sharing some of my best moments about homeschool? This way you can all ease up and start sharing.

Well, my best moment includes the fact that

  • I was able to control my child’s education according to my desires.
  • This meant that I could teach them a variety of subjects, which I thought were important for them to excel not only academically, but also practically.
  • Regular schools usually teach children subjects that are essential to their survival in job markets, but I wanted to teach my child something that enhanced his upbringing.

Character building

Hence, I started teaching him a subject called character building as well, where I motivated him to become an upright member of society. The reason I did all this is because for me education is much more than knowing all the formulae in mathematics or the bong length in a benzene ring; education should be such that it impacts your character as well.

Learning process

The second moment that I vividly remember from homeschooling my child is that I was able to pave a way for them to learn properly. As I mentioned earlier, when you homeschool a child you play the roles of both parent and teacher. This can be a bit hard to adapt to, but luckily I was able to do so just fine. When I homeschooled my child I was able to teach them a vast number of subjects, and then I asked about the subjects they liked the most. This way I knew that my child was inclined towards a certain subject, and we focused more on that. As a result, I was able to design a curriculum that intrigued them, something that stimulated their mind, and honestly my child benefitted so much from this endeavor.

Well, this ends my best moments about homeschool for me. Now it is your turn, so let us know of those special moments, which made your homeschooling experience even better. I am sure that everyone here is as eager as I am to hear about them; maybe some of us newbies could even learn a lesson, or two, from your anecdotes relating to homeschool. So hurry up, now!