Traveling with a large family – some tips you might want to know once you reach your destination

Traveling with a large family – some tips you might want to know once you reach your destination

I remember dreading going on family vacations not because I hated my family, but because my family consisted of a lot of individuals. This meant that nothing was ever properly organized, and something always went wrong. As a result of this I never wanted to travel with family. However, my perception has somewhat changed now that I have a family of my own. We have traveled to Disney World twice, on several cruises, and some local travel and my children love cruising the most. 

Now, despite whatever I endured as a child, I desperately want to go on vacation with all members of my family. I have finally mastered the art of traveling with a large family, and I thought that I should share some of these secrets with you as well.

You can never have enough traveling tip, but trust me when I say this: these tips actually work, yo! So read on as I enlighten you…

  1. Schedule one major activity per day 

I know that you don’t have all of eternity when you are traveling, but there is no use in covering everything on the same day. Hence, it is better to create a schedule where you list down one major activity per day along with other numerous little things that you can do. This way your schedule will not be cluttered and it will be easier to manage everyone for you because kids will be traveling with you.

  1. Buy snacks locally

I have come across a lot of articles and blog posts on the internet that suggest buying your snacks ahead of time. Well, this strategy did not work for me and the snacks only made my bag heavier. On the contrary, I would actually suggest buying them from the local grocery store. This allows you to travel light, and then you could get a feel of the place you are visiting from a dweller’s perspective. You will know how it feels to live there, what their local produce tastes like, or simply be a fun activity to do together.

  1. Make your breakfast plans the night before

Honestly, when you are traveling with family arranging proper food on short notice can be very hectic. You will always forget something, so it is better that you decide what you are going to eat the night before. This way you can list down everyone’s demands and perform an inventory check as well. Or if you plan on eating out then you might have to make reservations or choose a place where everyone can easily eat, and planning ahead will make this task easier for you.

  1. For restaurants, make sure to visit during off hours

Restaurants are not always busy, sometimes they will have fewer customers. Therefore, you should try and visit them during this time because the restaurants will be mostly empty. This makes it easier for the management to accommodate your large group without any difficulty.

  1. Point out restrooms to everyone

Whenever you come across a restroom make sure to point in to your traveling party. This way anyone from grandma to the little one can relieve themselves if they want. This makes traveling over long distances considerably easier.